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Donations Still Appreciated and Needed

Even though the GNOUU Capital Campaign has ended, additional requirements for the kitchen/plumbing/HVAC and electrical work at First Church have emerged to the tune of $104,000, North Shore still has $150,000 remaining on their mortgage, and Community Church lacks the final $38,000 for finishing work and solar panels.

If you wish to contribute, please send any donations directly to one of our three churches. Addresses are listed below.

            First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans
2903 Jefferson Avenue
New Orleans, LA  70115

            North Shore Unitarian Universalists
P. O. Box 2006
Lacombe, LA  70445

            Community Church Unitarian Universalist
6690 Fleur de Lis Drive
New Orleans, LA  70124

The GNOUU leadership team has incorporated “Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalists” as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.  It remains a tax exempt charitable organization, but donations directly to GNOUU are not tax deductible.  However, checks can be made payable to one of the three member churches with “GNOUU” in the memo line.  Donations made to individual churches remain tax deductible.