GNOUU 5-year plan 2012-2017

Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalists 5 Year Strategic Plan 2012-2017

In February of 2011, the Boards of Trustees of the three churches, CEL and interested others met to revise the 5 Year Strategic Plan of 2006-11. This is the result of that group’s break-out sessions covering five areas of interest. Final reports were made to the entire group to be collated and presented to the three congregations to unify our cluster.

We are requesting that you approve this plan and signify so by signing and returning to GNOUU Leadership Team.

Results of Break-out session:

An hour was allocated for the group to divide themselves into 6 areas of interest and then reports to the entire group were made.

Dick Harris– Stewardship:

1. Budget a line item of training events 2. Actively recruit candidates 3. Consider joint board meetings 4. Improve budgeting process through the Annual Budget Drive and fundraising 5. Share administrative strengths and develop resources list

6. Improve communication

Marilyn Malone– Marketing:

1. Clarify the message 2. Coordinate our websites – we now have 5 3. Utilize Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter 4. Market EVENTS to the community – let the public know what we are doing 5. Update and professionalize our print literature 6. Encourage a membership position on each board of the 3 churches.

Tamara Murray – Worship and Music

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Mary An 1. 2. 3.

Develop a repository of ideas, resources Provide several joint services every year. Incorporate specific GNOUU events to included young adults Include more joint GNOUU events: suppers , concerts, talent show, coffee houses, joint retreat. Develop a GNOUU worship calendar of each churches’ common events Joint training of worship associates

Godshall – Denominational connections:

Youth – larger UU Congregational leadership development – to become more active outside our congregations. Sponsor/host/encourage events in Louisiana4. Members attend district and national events. 5. Communication on district events – update website with new officers, an effort to have more visibility 6. GNOUU as Breakthrough group at General Assembly

Jim Long – Lifespan Faith Development :

1. Mission: emphasis on intergenerational atmosphere 2. Increase youth participation in 4 joint services. – needs exploration. 3. Sponsoring a school – needs exploration 4. Ethical eating in our schools – opportunities for learning. 5. Make CEL more accessible to all congregations.

Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers – Community Outreach: Strengths:

1. CEL is a strong network 2. Our shared ministry 3. Volunteer education curriculum aimed at non-locals 4. Tapping into local agencies. Each church has its own programs Weaknesses: 1. Communications are not consistent or well coordinated especially with CEL 2. We are south shore centered and need focus on the North Shore Gap Tapping into non-UU resources to build partnerships. Goals: 1. Build a roster and structure for local volunteers 2. Mobilizing cluster around large policy issues. For example: environmental justice – lead poisoning found in day care center playgrounds. We have an opportunity to call attention to this through community outreach. 3. Improve inter/intra congregational communications. Foolproof instruments for communications.

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